Tuesday, March 15, 2016

One Of The Guys by Shiloh Walker ~ Review

One Of The Guys
by Shiloh Walker

Complete and utter humiliation—that was what Jaynie felt as she stood in the doorway watching her fiancé playing out his ménage fantasies with his best friend and the cute neighbor from across the street. Bad enough that the cute and sexy neighbor is the woman her fiancé clearly wants her to be, but now she finds the man she loves in bed with the woman. To add fuel to the flame, he later tells her that she couldn’t be a real woman if she tried.

Humiliated and hurt, she’s hiding out at her best friend’s house and ends up coming across her friend’s older brother Brian. Brian…hot, sexy…also her partner from work. The last thing she needs is another complication, but she can’t think about that right now.

The heat in his eyes, the desire she can see on his face—that is something she does need and she offers him one night, no strings.

But one night of no strings turned into something neither of them could have counted on. Brian’s take-charge attitude in the bedroom and his oh, sexy, smile are getting to her.

Friends all their lives, they’ve played together, now they work together. Faced with the most important question of all, Jaynie has to figure out…can they work together?

Best friend's brother/sister is my favorite trope, so of course I had to give One Of The Guys a read. 

Jaynie's life as she knew it came to a sudden and humiliating end when she walked into her home to find her fiancee in their bed with his friend and the neighbor. Jaynie then does what woman would do...she runs to her best friend's house. Jaynie's best friend Katie just happens to be the sister of Jaynie's business partner, Brian. During an irrational moment, Jaynie asks Brian for one night-no strings attached-just to get her self-esteem back in check-sex, and Brian agrees. 

The chemistry between these two characters is fantastic. Brian turns out to be quite the alpha man in charge when it comes to the bedroom and works very hard at getting Jaynie to see how good of a person she really is. These characters felt real to me, I liked how Jaynie came to the conclusion that her ex was a jerk on her own and didn't need everyone around her to keep on telling her.

One Of The Guys was a super sexy really good read that I found I couldn't put down. I have enjoyed many of Shiloh Walker's books in the past and this one was no exception.

About Shiloh

They always say to tell a little about yourself! I was born in Kentucky and have been reading avidly since I was six. Writing became more my focus in middle school-I had a very boring teacher and voices in my head.  There was also a book that didn’t end the way I wanted it to end-don’t ask me the book, because I don’t remember.  I just remember I started writing.  I never stopped.
About me now… hmm… I’ve been married since I was 19 to my high school sweetheart and we live in the mid-west. I started writing full time in 2004, which lets me write during the day and still devote more time to my family- three adorable children who are growing way too fast and my husband who doesn’t see enough of me.
I like to read.  There’s a shocker!
This list will vary, a lot, but personal faves include Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb, Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Stacia Kane and a new recently discovered favorite in Mark Greaney. My all time favorite is SL Viehl.  She writes sci fi and romance, but my favorite of hers is the sci fi series Star Doc.  If you haven’t read them, I think you’re missing out.
Something cool…
When I was in nursing school, a friend of mine came up to me one day and told me she’d had a dream that she was in a bookstore one day and saw a book with my name on it.  This was before I told anybody that I loved to write.  I think that was when I decided I was very serious about writing.

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