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Candy Cane Kink Giveaway Hop

First up..a huge THANKS to
Close Encounters With The Night Kind
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Candy Kane Kink
When I decided to join this hop I had a couple of books in mind to either review and/or giveaway...but, that all went to hell in a handbasket the other day when my Kindle died. Never put your Kindle in a purse that has a magnet for a closure! Now I am impatiently waiting for Christmas morning when I can unwrap my new Kindle Fire and continue reading the book I was in the middle of.
Not to worry, instead of a review and a specific book I am going to let you choose your own.
I am going to giveaway a $10 Amazon eGC!
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I am a book addict welcomes Jodi Redford

First off, huge thanks to Kerry for letting me hang out on her blog today. J

One of my favorite aspects of writing is creating characters. I spend so much time with them, sharing their heart breaks, their happiness, the ups and downs as they journey toward a happily ever after. It’s no small wonder that I particularly love writing series books, since it means I can revisit with the characters I’ve come to care so much for. I’ll admit that the majority of the time when I’m writing a new book I’ll deliberately think ahead to possible future storylines for the supporting cast of characters. My latest release, Checking It Twice, is a prime example of this idea at work. Jana Colton, the heroine, first appeared in The Naughty List, and I knew from the very first word she uttered, she absolutely had to have a book of her own. Not to mention she has a fondness for using meat metaphors and her ringtone is dogs barking Jingle Bells. Really, how could I not make her a heroine? One of the heroes, Kevin, also appeared in The Naughty List, but in a very minor role. I really enjoyed getting to tell his story this time around, along with the very naughty Nick’s. In case you’re wondering, the set of main players have been cast for the next book in this series. And yes, one of them appears in Checking It Twice. After that book, I have at least one or two more stories planned within this series. But you never know. With my love of revisiting characters, the possibilities are endless…

And now for a giveaway! One commenter will win a $20 eGC from Samhain Publishing. Good luck!

                                        Checking It Twice
’Tis the season for double seduction.

The only item on Jana Colton’s Christmas list this year is Kevin Monahan. Preferably naked in her bed. The delicious, hunky chef has been resisting her forever, but she’s pulling out all the sexy stops this holiday. Especially since his acceptance of an out-of-state job threatens to nix her quest to rock his boxers off.

Jana has always been Kevin’s personal Kryptonite, but giving in to her isn’t an option. Relationships are a four-letter word in his book. He cares far too much for Jana to let his emotional baggage ultimately break her heart.

With the arrival of his best friend, Nick Pappas, the balance of temptation shifts. From their past history of sharing women, Nick knows every dirty trick it takes to lead Kevin astray, and he’s not afraid to use them. Particularly since Nick’s convinced that Jana is exactly what Kevin needs to be happy and whole.

Their game of seduction quickly snowballs into something that feels an awful lot like love—in triplicate. But with Kevin dead set on leaving Michigan, there’s a real possibility it could be a blue Christmas for them all.

Warning: This book contains an extremely tormented voyeur, a very naughty and not so saintly Nick, a liberal application of candy cane-flavored body paint, a buzzing butterfly, and enough raunchy fun on a sex swing to melt a snowman…or two.


“I’ve been a very naughty girl, Santa. Think you better spank me with your big candy cane.”

Choking on his swallow of beer, Kevin Monahan jerked his gaze upward just as Jana Colton draped her arm around his neck. Flashing a cheeky grin, she leaned forward and planted a chaste kiss on his forehead that was in direct opposition to the wicked sparkle in her dazzling blue eyes. Her position thrust her generous breasts square in his face, awarding him a bird’s eye view of the luscious cleavage peeking from the scooped neckline of her pink sweater. A sweet and sensual floral scent drifted from her peaches-and-cream skin, tantalizing his already overtaxed senses. The bead of sweat crawling down his nape couldn’t be blamed on the too-warm interior of Hadley’s Bar and Grill.

He and Jana had known each other for five years and been good friends for at least four. He should have been immune to her outrageous flirtations by now. Apparently his libido was too sadistic to let him off the hook that easily.

Jana straightened and tugged off her fingerless gloves before shrugging out of her leather trench coat in a seductive shimmy that officially fried a few more of his brain cells. “Hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.”

Desperately grappling for every ounce of inner strength he possessed, he tore his entranced stare from the outline of Jana’s perky nipples and schooled his expression into the blandest one he could manufacture. “No. I’ve only been here a few minutes.”

Jana arranged her coat over the back of the chair opposite him and plopped onto the seat. He didn’t fail to notice the lewd glances and snickering whispers she garnered from the neighboring table of college frat boys. A completely inescapable flash of protectiveness streaked through him, prompting him to offer the ogling boys a cold glare. Taking the hint, they returned to their raucous conversation and beer chugging. He allowed a fraction of the tension to ease from his shoulders.

He knew he had no right to be the slightest bit territorial where Jana was concerned, but it also didn’t stop him from wanting to kick the ass of every punk kid who eyed her like a side of beef while making crude comments to his dipshit friends.

Displaying her typical blasé disregard for the attention she generated in the opposite sex, Jana propped her arms on the pockmarked wooden tabletop and focused the full wattage of her smile on him. As always, it possessed the power to seduce the pants right off him—something Jana would undoubtedly take full advantage of if she knew the true scope of his weakness where she was concerned. For the past ten months, she’d really amped up her quest to take their friendship to the next level. He had no intention of giving in to her and the inevitable fallout that’d result if they slept together, but it didn’t mean his vigilant resistance wasn’t a fierce struggle.

She wiggled in her seat, drawing his rapt, albeit reluctant, scrutiny to her bouncing breasts. He mumbled a soft curse.

Tucking a lock of her shiny blonde hair behind her ear, she twitched her nose in a way that was both adorable and admonishing. “I missed you, you jerk. I thought you said you’d call me while you were in Vegas.”

A niggle of guilt worming through him, he situated his pilsner glass on the coaster, taking his time with the task on the off chance she’d grow bored with his silence and move on to another topic.

She didn’t. “Did you have a nice visit with your dad?”

“Yeah.” If you could call enduring three days of awkward tension remotely pleasant. Then again, it hadn’t been anything less than what he’d expected. Tense visits with his dad were standard fare. Not that Jana knew anything about the harsh reality of his relationship with his father. It was yet another facet of his life he preferred to keep locked away in his closet of dirty secrets.

“Do anything exciting while you were out there?”

His thoughts automatically veered to his meeting with the departing executive chef at the Cinders and the resulting job offer that’d been presented to him. The meeting had merely been a formality. The position was his from the get-go, thanks to his father’s majority share in the Cinders. Richard Monahan wasn’t averse to using his money and power when it came to getting what he wanted. Right now, that something was the prestigious five-star Metro Cuisine ranking that Kevin toted. He held no delusions about possessing any further value in his father’s eyes than that. Still, he owed this to his dad. It wouldn’t absolve Kevin of the guilt he’d lugged around for the last fourteen years, and it sure as hell wouldn’t change the past and the transgressions of his youth. But taking the job was one small act of repentance.

He cleared his throat. “Not really.” It probably made him an ass for lying, but telling Jana he’d accepted the Cinders proposal and would be moving to Vegas in a couple of weeks would only upset her. He didn’t want to ruin her Christmas.

“Okay, on to the most important question of all.” She batted her eyelashes endearingly. “Did you bring an awesome X-mas pressie back for me?”

Her blatant maneuvering tactic did the trick of lightening some of the heaviness weighing at him, and he chuckled. “Actually, I bought your gift months ago, but you’re not getting it yet.”

“I won’t peek.” She sighed when he raised an eyebrow. “Okay, I totally will. Can I help it that I have no willpower?”

She wasn’t the only one. In his case, his personal Kryptonite was a certain blonde with a quirky personality and the prettiest, kissable-looking lips in all creation. He dragged his gaze from her mouth and reached for his beer, slamming another desperate swallow. The frosty ale did nothing to douse his desire. Not by a long shot.

Jana was a crippling addiction he couldn’t kick. Worse, she was a temptation he couldn’t give in to. For years he’d been able to use the excuse of her being the little sister of one of his bosses at the Dockside, but soon he wouldn’t have that flimsy copout to cling to. It was no secret she had a crush on him. If he were a selfish prick, he’d take advantage of what she was openly offering. God knows, it was a battle to resist. Especially when she was staring at him with a sinful glint in her eyes, like she was mentally engaging them in all kinds of naughty acts that were likely illegal in forty-nine states.

Despite her propensity for brazenly flirting with him, it didn’t change the fact she was a good girl at heart. A bit wild, yes, with a vocabulary that’d make a construction worker cringe. But there was no denying that an innate sweetness radiated from within her.

The heaviness from earlier settling in his heart, he plunked his glass down. It’d rip him apart if he hurt Jana. And sooner or later, that’s precisely what would happen. He wasn’t any good at letting people into his life. His dysfunctional past guaranteed that. No way in hell he’d drag Jana into the hot mess of his psyche. She deserved better than that. Deserved better than him.

Shoving aside his glum musings, he waved the waitress over. After ordering a glass of sangria, Jana picked up her napkin and fidgeted with it for a second before spreading it across her lap. “So I was thinking…” Despite her casual tone, a slight nervous flutter wavered through her voice. “Why don’t we make an entire night of it next Saturday? After The Nutcracker, we can hit a few clubs downtown, maybe even the casino. It’d probably be easiest to get a room while we’re at it, so we won’t have to worry about driving home. I hear the hotel at the MGM Grand Detroit is super nice.”

The unspoken part of her proposition hung sultry and oh so irresistible between them, tempting and teasing him with seductive possibilities. It didn’t take much creativity on his end to mentally conjure a scene straight out of his fantasies. A sumptuous suite and a king-sized bed big enough for two. On the nearby nightstand—chilled wine, chocolate-dipped strawberries…a blindfold and wrist restraints. He swallowed. Hard. Damn it, he wasn’t even into bondage, for the most part. What the hell was wrong with him?

He took a steadying breath, digging deep for the right words. They weren’t the ones he wanted to say, but his conscience reminded him of the necessity of them, regardless. “Jana, I don’t want to lead you on.”

She tried for an innocent look that fell far short from working its mark. “In what way would you and I sharing a room be leading me on?”

He lowered his voice. “Because I know you’ll finagle for a single bed.”

“Would that be so terrible?”

The taunting fantasy of the blindfold and restraints paraded through his mind again, and he discreetly adjusted the uncomfortable snugness of his zipper.

“Not a good idea.” His overheated libido grumbled in protest.

Wetting her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue, she traced the pattern engraved on the handle of her fork with her fingernail. “Did I happen to mention I sleep naked?”

His erection perked up even more in interest, and he silently groaned. You’re killing me, baby.

At the ripe age of seven, Jodi Redford penned her first epic, complete with stick figure illustrations. Sadly, her drawing skills haven’t improved much, but her love of fantasy worlds never went away. These days she writes about fairies, ghosts, and other supernatural creatures, only with considerably more heat.

She has won numerous contests, including The Golden Pen and Launching a Star. When not writing or working the day job, she enjoys gardening and way too many reality television shows.

She loves to hear from readers. You can email her at and visit her online at and her blog . You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.




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PSST.... Guess who is stopping by Monday???

Author Jodi Redford!
Yup, She is taking over the wheel on Monday 12/10
That just puts me in the mood to reread her Christmas stories.
The Naughty List
and her latest release
Checking it Twice
Aren't those covers HOT?
Hot enough to melt the snow at the North Pole!!
So stop on by Monday & help me give Jodi a warm welcome!

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Merry Menage Giveaway Hop

Come join our Merry Menage Giveaway Hop hosted by
Day Dreaming, 
My Secret Romance
and The Book Tart!

Need a new bedtime story to light your fire? Looking for something with a little heat to warm you during the cold holiday season? Feel like decking the halls naughty style? Well then, come join us as we stand under the mistletoe for this wickedly sexy giveaway hop! The more the merrier! Have no worries, we'll help you trim your trees, deck yours halls, and spark that fire!
Time to feed my other addiction! Yup, that's right I admittingly have another addiction!
I love Christmas, well, not the shopping, the commercialism, or the running around I always seem to end up doing. I love the togetherness of family & friends. I love to cook for large groups (yes I know I am nuts)! I love the traditions, I love the decorating!
My obsession with decorating started about when I was about 19, I had the whole 3rd floor of my Mom's house to myself, kinda like my own apartment. So I decided I was going to get my own tree that year and decorate it my way. My way is still invoked to this day!
I am so obsessed with my tree that I went out and bought each of my children thier own trees to decorate so they will leave mine alone. That may seem harsh to some but my kids "get it". They get excited to be able to do whatever they want with thier own trees.
A few years back we (I) had a very serious tree fell over on Christmas Eve. I lost so many of my favorite ornaments, some of which I have never been able to replace.
 Most of the presents had to be rewrapped too.
A few years back I discovered a tree farm just north of our cabin in NH. I was always on the lookout for the perfect tree & this place was all over the local television shows so I decided to give it a shot and ordered my tree online (YES I did say ordered it online!) My tree arrived via Fed Ex on the precise date I wanted it and it was perfection! A 9 ft tall Fralsalm (Fraser fir-for the long lasting needles combined with a  Balsam- for the pine scent) that lasted for weeks! I have ordered my tree from them every year since and have talked many others into checking them out too!
This summer while on vacation, we decided to drive up to the tree farm and pick out & tag our own tree. The kids had a blast & I was in Christmas heaven.
Blue & White is my color theme for this year (again)!
We are now expecting our trees (ours & my Mom's) to be delivered on December 6th & I can't wait!
In between all the craziness of the holidays I LOVE to read! To help myself with my holiday obsession I am willing to stuff your stocking with a $10 GC from Amazon!

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