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Blood Reborn (The Progeny series #4) by Ashlynne Laynne-Spotlight & Giveaway!

Blood Reborn
The Progeny Series #4
by Ashlynne Laynne

Blood Reborn is the continuing story of Ascher Rousseau and his eternal love, Shauna. It is the fourth book in the Progeny Series.

Author: Ashlynne Laynne
Series: The Progeny Series #4
Publisher: Q-Rotic Press
Cover Art: Wicked Muse Productions
Release Date: November 19, 2013
Genre: Romance
Sub-Genres: Paranormal/Vampire/Witch/Interracial
Book Length: Novel

* WARNING: Adults Only. This series contains adult sensuality, language, and themes. 

BLOOD REBORN (The Progeny Series #4)

“Hell hath no fury like a Wiccan reborn.”

Shauna McCutchin and Ascher Rousseau share a deep and passionate bond that merges their Wiccan and vampire worlds. Destined, they’ve endured trials and suffered unimaginable pain in their quest for a happily ever after.

Endowed with amazing supernatural abilities and the added attributes of her new vampire existence, Shauna is a force to rival all others—a dangerous new breed of vampire that defies conventional wisdom.

Darkness shrouds the couple’s pasts and enemies are determined to ruin their future. Will Shauna surrender to the evil side of her nature, or will she stand by Ascher’s side as the Rousseaus prepare for the revolution?

Shauna will either be an immortal miracle or an unholy menace.

Excerpt from Blood Reborn:

Quinn circled her with all of the stealth of a hunting lion, his gaze never leaving hers. He jabbed at her once, his fist snapping so fast it rumpled Shauna’s ponytail as his hand barely missed her face.

The guys watched as Shauna effortlessly responded to a succession of commands and postures, her body moving from pose to pose with familiarity and poise.

Gesturing her over to him, Quinn shouted, “Guards up,” again and barked a faster series of instructions. “Move. Duck. Rotate. Jab.”

Shauna’s left hand came up to protect her face, while her right punched at the mitts on Quinn’s hands.

“From the chin!” Quinn demanded, spurring her on. “Stay tall and keep those punches high!” Quinn paused, his expression displeased. Lifting the mitts back to his face, he growled, “Concentrate, Shauna! Cross jabs!”

Shauna pivoted on her heels, her left hand still protecting her face as she jabbed at Quinn’s face with the right.

“Push off your back foot and stay strong throughout the punch.” Quinn smiled. “Good. Great positioning and way to protect your face. The newborn darklings are scary strong. They’ll most likely try to get in a head or chest shot to incapacitate you, before going in for the kill. Protecting your head and chest is very important for a half-blood. ”

Tristan stepped forward. “Fighting is like a chess match. If you can get into your opponent’s head, that’s half the battle.” He grabbed the mitts from Quinn and gestured her forward. “Darklings are bred for strength, but they’re dumb as bricks.”

“And each new brood is weaker than the last,” Ascher added. “You should’ve seen her in the wine room the other night. She linked into their minds and shredded them.”

Quinn seemed to delight at the thought. He surely thought of her as his protégée now. “That’s kick ass!”

“I want you to develop your mental strength as well as your physical,” Tristan said. “Come over here for a second, Lee.”

A doubtful glance crossed Lee’s emerald orbs as he approached the center of the mat where Shauna and Tristan both stood.

“You’re strong in your gifts. I’ve heard about what you can do with your mind. Can you teach Shauna what you know?”

“Shay Shay is as strong as I am—if not stronger. She only needs to keep her focus.” Lee trained his gaze at a fifty pound weight in the corner of the room, willing it to hover over and rest at his feet. “I might not be a muscle man.” He flashed Quinn a nasty stare. “I don’t need to be. My strength is up here.” Pointing to his head, he gave Shauna a silly smirk. 

“Can you tap into my mind?” Tristan asked.

Lee concentrated his stare on Tristan, for a second, and the vampire immediately fell to the floor, clutching his head in pain.

Ascher gasped. He’d seen what Lee was capable of, but still found his powers amazing. While he never considered what having Lee Williams on the side of the warriors would mean, Ascher was beginning to believe things were coming together for a reason. He was loyal to his sister and would be an asset to the cause.

Quinn helped Tristan off the mat and into a seat. “Enough of that. Let’s do kicks.”

Resetting her posture, Shauna stood back on her left foot, pivoted her hip and landed several round kicks to Quinn’s stomach.

“No more kicking.” Quinn flinched, apparently remembering her raging kick to his groin. “I think you’ve got that down. Guards back up and come at me!”

“Unh,” Shauna grunted, engaging Quinn with an equal intensity that showed in the straining of her biceps. She circled him with alert blue eyes which sought to gain an advantage, her breathing barely audible. Her footing faltered for a second and her guard dropped, making her face vulnerable.

“Always protect your face and head!” Retreating, Quinn drew back and punched at her again, the measured hit connecting and sending her flying.

Shauna coasted through the air, her body hitting the mat with a brute force that knocked the breath from her heaving chest. Dazed, her gaze floated to the ceiling as her pulse returned to normal.

“Shay Shay,” Lee shouted, fighting against the clasp of Ascher’s restrictive hold. “Are you guys crazy? She’s hurt!”

Ascher shook his head at his dumbfounded brother-in-law. “Don’t you think I’d be over there if I thought she were hurt? Listen to her mind, Lee. She’s centering herself.”

“If you can’t take it, you should’ve stayed home,” Quinn muttered, standing over her. “I know it seems like I’m being harsh, but she has to learn. War is coming. Shauna has to be strong enough to survive it.”


Ashlynne Laynne/Q. Lane is a songwriter, poet and author of erotic paranormal and contemporary romance, who has always had a soft spot in her heart for vampires but grew tired of the garlic fearing, sun-loathing creatures of old. An avid horror movie fan, she tends to enjoy media and music that is of a younger, more eclectic nature. This was the catalyst for her writing The Progeny.

She loves writing on the edge—combining the erotica and romance genres—and thinks of Ascher and Shauna as the wicked, damned version of Romeo and Juliet. She is currently working on book six of her Progeny Series, book one of her upcoming Alterity Series, and several novella spin offs. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family. She juggles the hats of wife, mother, full time employee and part-time writer, hoping to write exclusively one day soon. Find and follow her online on
Twitter. Check out her Manic Readers page, Blog or leave a note in her Reader Email.Fall of 2013, Ashlynne Laynne started her own publishing, Q-Rotic Press. The remainder of her Progeny Series and all future projects will release through this new entity.

She lives in North Carolina with her husband and son.

About The Progeny Series:

At its core, The Progeny Series is simply about a man and woman who fall in love. The fact that he’s a half-blood (half-human, half vampire) and she’s a Wiccan human are secondary factors. When we meet Ascher, he’s grumpy. Frankly, who could blame him? He’s engaged to seal to Ursula—a cold and careless vampire who wants nothing more than to get her hands on a bloodstone— and he feels conflicted about his existence.

 All of that changes when he meets Shawnette McCutchin. She’s beautiful, intriguing and possesses some of the most potent blood that he’s ever smelled. A war immediately begins inside Ascher. He craves Shauna’s blood just as much as he craves her body and the closer they get, the harder it is for him to control his urges. After Ascher calls off the sealing to Ursula, the trouble begins. His family’s peaceful period ends when Ursula’s army attacks the Rousseaus.

This series encompasses a family dynamic of which we’ve never seen. The Rousseaus share a common mortal and immortal bloodline, but loyalty is the thread binding this clan. Shauna and Ascher’s dissuaded love only strengthens the family bonds. Their unique union transcends bloodlines and completes the prophecy, defying the beliefs of centuries old covenants while shattering the wall between the Wiccan and vampire worlds that has existed for ages. This series is erotic paranormal romance intended for adults, as it contains adult sensuality, language and themes.


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Blue Ice by Carolina Soto-Review

Blue Ice
by Carolina Soto

Everyone tells little girls to be themselves around boys, but let’s face it, that’s simply the worst piece of advice ever. What if “yourself” is not exactly an appealing woman? Katherine Bianchi was raised to be herself, a smart, posh, stylish girl from New York City; the problem is that “herself” also included eating like a truck driver and cursing like a sailor, with a genetic inability to take bullshit from anyone. Not necessarily an appealing description in her pretentious environment.

That’s why, at 25, she was predestined to live a crazy cat lady life, or to be the overachiever workaholic she had become since college. But her perfect life plans got messed up when she met Dylan Berkeley, a handsome billionaire, owner of BKY Enterprises, who never learned the meaning of the word NO. With a Ben & Jerry’s lifestyle (lots of options, exciting flavors, and never repeating a scoop), Berkeley wasn’t intimidated by Katherine’s “ice heart bitch” reputation; the challenge of having her became a personal task he couldn’t forget. How to avoid a NO from a girl who has never said YES for an answer?


Please be advised that this is book #1 the story does not have an end until book #2.

Blue Ice was not your typical love story, there isn't an HEA-yet (maybe book #2)
Dylan & Katherine are not your typical main Characters either, Katherine is a first class bitch and Dylan is way too smug. Somehow, though, they work for this story.

Throughout the book, Katherine is running from Dylan's demands. She wants him only on her terms. At the same time, Dylan is so used to getting everything he wants, easily, that he "over does it" with his pursuit of Katherine. As you read on, you do get some small glimpses into why Dylan is so cold and demanding, this makes you think there may be hope for that HEA.

I enjoyed reading Blue Ice & look forward to seeing where the author takes these characters in book #2.





For 25 years I thought the September Issue of Vogue was the only thing I was interested in reading. I was so wrong…When a certain Mr. Grey came to my life I learned that book boyfriends rock and that I wanted to meet as many as my dear slutty eyes would let me. After reading like a crazy woman I decided to give my pen (in this case, my laptop) a try.
So here I am at 26, with my first book, telling the story of a sweet, adorable bitch. I don’t know why I wrote it in English, instead of my adorable Spanish, but I did, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Blue Ice has been lots of fun and my crazy mind is already creating more stories.

I am a mexican new author, I love fashion more than anything in life, and I have an unhealthy obsession with David Gandy (don’t worry David, as soon as we get married I’ll start to act normal). My family and friends are the best thing in my life, but I also adore my dear TV, and my TV boyfriends as well.

I don’t cook, or drink, or exercise, but God do I shop! And that’s what matters after all.

I would love to hear from you in any of my Twitter accounts (I know, crazy women have more than one account), FB or by a nice simple email.
Kiss, kiss!

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Holiday Party Blog Tour-Incidental Contact by Eden O'Connor-Review & Giveaway

Incidental Contact by Eden Connor


What if a random kiss with the wrong woman feels like more than incidental contact? What if you sense every mistake brought you to this place, with this person? What if you know you'll have to clean up your bad-boy past and can't offer her much of a future, but you're determined to win her heart? What if you're also having...performance issues? Welcome to Eric De Marco's world. First person to say 'go hard or go home' gets his ass kicked.


I absolutely loved Incidental Contact! On the inside, Eric seemed so unsure of everything in life, but, on the outside, he always found ways to make situations right, and he did it all without even thinking about it! I loved this!

Eric's relationship with Amy started out quite funny, but, ended up being so serious. Throughout the entire story, there is also a "whodunnit" happening. Amy helps to discover the actual murderer of the DeMarco boy's mother.

I love a man who seems so vulnerable, yet he is strong in his own way.  It takes a strong woman, like Amy, to point out his strengths to him and convince him his is good enough for her.

Enter to Win! 

• 1 Erotic Enchants Winner Wins the following prize pack, mobi or ePub format

  • 1 each of all three De Marco books 
  • Entire series: Soft Sounds of Pleasure (erotic m/f, cougar erotic romance)
  • Wildly Inappropriate (IR, BDSM, m/f erotic romance) 
  • Incidental Contact (m/f erotic romance, Rubenesque heroine)

• BDSM Group Winner: Wildly Inappropriate mobi or ePub format
• 3 digital copies Incidental Contact, mobi or ePub format

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Author:

Eden Connor graduated from Converse College with a degree in Psychology so long ago, her sheepskin is chiseled in stone. She’s been a graphic artist, a bridal photographer and an antique restorer. Since the death of her true love, she raised two children to adulthood and now has the time to return to writing. She writes primarily contemporary erotic romances, the odd bit of erotica and an occasional paranormal piece. Most of her writing is set where she lives, in South Carolina, so expect the handsome stranger to come equipped with a slow drawl. Addicted to hazelnut creamer, baseball and cranberry glass, she likes the music of Motown and when not writing about adults behaving badly, she takes a stab at the occasional needlepoint canvas.

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Deathblow by Dana Martin-Review & Giveaway

Deathblow by Dana Marton
book #4 in the Broslin Creek series

Former small-town football hero turned cop, Joe Kessler never met a linebacker, perp, or a woman he couldn't handle. Then a troubled single mom walks into his life, and the only place this hot jock will ever see 'easy' again is in the dictionary.

Hiding out in Broslin, PA was working pretty well for Wendy Belle until Cop Casanova took her under his protection. Now she’ll either lose her life to one man, or her heart to another.


After a quick, one-night stand, Joe cannot get Wendy off his mind. Wendy has a good reason to not be able to forget Joe...ever! Threats to Wendy & her son brings Joe back into her life. Can he protect them without getting his heart involved? Will she let him? Can Wendy learn to trust again?

Deathblow is a non-stop action packed, edge of your seat, fantastic read! I could not put it down! Dana Marton writes a very gripping tale with a wonderfully sensuous side.

If you enjoy ramantic suspense, you will absolutely love this book!

Purchase Links:
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Dana Marton has thrilled and entertained millions of readers around the globe with her fast-paced stories about strong women and honorable men who fight side by side for justice and survival.
Kirkus Reviews calls her writing "compelling and honest." RT Book Review Magazine said, "Marton knows what makes a hero...her characters are sure to become reader favorites." Her writing has been acclaimed by critics, called, "gripping," "intense and chilling," "full of action," "a thrilling adventure," and wholeheartedly recommended to readers. Dana is the winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence, the Readers' Choice Award, and Best Intrigue, among other awards. Her book, TALL, DARK, AND LETHAL was nominated for the prestigious Rita Award. DEATHSCAPE reached the #1 spot on Amazon's Romantic Suspense Bestseller list.

Dana has a Master's degree in Writing Popular Fiction, and is continuously studying the art and craft of writing, attending several workshops, seminars and conferences each year. Her number one goal is to bring the best books she possibly can to her readers.

Having lived around the world, Dana currently creates her compelling stories in a small and lovely little town in Pennsylvania. The fictional town of her bestselling Broslin Creek series is based on her real life home where she fights her addictions to reading, garage sales, coffee and chocolate. If you know a good twelve-step program to help her with any of that, she'd be interested in hearing about it! :-)

Keeping in touch with readers is Dana's favorite part of being an author. Please connect with her via her web site ( or her Facebook page (
The first 3 books in the Broslin Creek series are now available
in a boxed set at a fantastic price!

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