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Blue Ice by Carolina Soto-Review

Blue Ice
by Carolina Soto

Everyone tells little girls to be themselves around boys, but let’s face it, that’s simply the worst piece of advice ever. What if “yourself” is not exactly an appealing woman? Katherine Bianchi was raised to be herself, a smart, posh, stylish girl from New York City; the problem is that “herself” also included eating like a truck driver and cursing like a sailor, with a genetic inability to take bullshit from anyone. Not necessarily an appealing description in her pretentious environment.

That’s why, at 25, she was predestined to live a crazy cat lady life, or to be the overachiever workaholic she had become since college. But her perfect life plans got messed up when she met Dylan Berkeley, a handsome billionaire, owner of BKY Enterprises, who never learned the meaning of the word NO. With a Ben & Jerry’s lifestyle (lots of options, exciting flavors, and never repeating a scoop), Berkeley wasn’t intimidated by Katherine’s “ice heart bitch” reputation; the challenge of having her became a personal task he couldn’t forget. How to avoid a NO from a girl who has never said YES for an answer?


Please be advised that this is book #1 the story does not have an end until book #2.

Blue Ice was not your typical love story, there isn't an HEA-yet (maybe book #2)
Dylan & Katherine are not your typical main Characters either, Katherine is a first class bitch and Dylan is way too smug. Somehow, though, they work for this story.

Throughout the book, Katherine is running from Dylan's demands. She wants him only on her terms. At the same time, Dylan is so used to getting everything he wants, easily, that he "over does it" with his pursuit of Katherine. As you read on, you do get some small glimpses into why Dylan is so cold and demanding, this makes you think there may be hope for that HEA.

I enjoyed reading Blue Ice & look forward to seeing where the author takes these characters in book #2.





For 25 years I thought the September Issue of Vogue was the only thing I was interested in reading. I was so wrong…When a certain Mr. Grey came to my life I learned that book boyfriends rock and that I wanted to meet as many as my dear slutty eyes would let me. After reading like a crazy woman I decided to give my pen (in this case, my laptop) a try.
So here I am at 26, with my first book, telling the story of a sweet, adorable bitch. I don’t know why I wrote it in English, instead of my adorable Spanish, but I did, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Blue Ice has been lots of fun and my crazy mind is already creating more stories.

I am a mexican new author, I love fashion more than anything in life, and I have an unhealthy obsession with David Gandy (don’t worry David, as soon as we get married I’ll start to act normal). My family and friends are the best thing in my life, but I also adore my dear TV, and my TV boyfriends as well.

I don’t cook, or drink, or exercise, but God do I shop! And that’s what matters after all.

I would love to hear from you in any of my Twitter accounts (I know, crazy women have more than one account), FB or by a nice simple email.
Kiss, kiss!

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