Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer is over....

August was a very crazy month for me & the family.

The kids were all in summer camp!

Yeah....4 different kids, 4 different camps, & of course 4 different start & end times!

I had to fit my real job somewhere into that crazy schedule.

I blew up the engine in my van & had to buy a new car.

Then we took off for a week to our place in the mountains.

Got back from vacation on a Sunday and 2 of my kids started school that Tuesday, the other 2 started back today!


Now that we are all back on track...

I have lots to catch up on here at the blog.

Lots of reviews to write & post, author spotlights to do, and a new design for the blog.

I came across a fantastic blog designer named Lori, she has a website called

Imagination Designs

I just fell in love with the work she has done.

Please, take a moment and stop by to see for yourself.

I cannot wait for you to see what she is working on for me here at

I am a book addict

check back soon