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The Object of His Desire by Polly Adams-review

The Object of His Desire-a 4-part series by PJ Adams

The Object of His Desire 1: Wanted

When Trudy goes to her estranged brother's wedding, deep in the rural English countryside, she looks forward to making up with him, catching up and closing the distance that has grown between them since he moved away from the US. The last thing she expects is one of those moments: a handsome stranger, their eyes meeting across a crowded room... a tempting, but all too dangerous stranger. Her brother is marrying into the wealthy aristocracy, but this man in his rumpled tuxedo and days-old stubble doesn't seem to fit. Determined to find out more, Trudy discovers his identity, and that there are dark secrets that bind him to her brother; she also learns that he's the kind of man who always gets what he wants, and what he wants right now is Trudy.

“Is there anything you don’t have?” I asked softly.
He shrugged, spread his hands wide. “We have everything,” he said, simply. “We’re a wealthy family.”

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  • The Object of His Desire 2: Pursued


    Trudy Parsons is in a good place. A young American, educated at Yale, now living in London where she's a successful professional, working in one of the city's oldest publishing companies. Not only that, she's being pursued by two hot, rich and highly eligible bachelors, men accustomed to getting exactly what they want. Lavish romantic gestures, the finest in designer clothes, shoes and diamonds, private jets to whisk her off to foreign dinner dates... what more could a girl want?

    But pursuit comes with a price, as Trudy finds out about the dark history her two admirers share. A history, it seems, they can't escape.

    Should she be drawn to men like this? Should she choose one of her suitors and succumb?


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  • The Object of His Desire 3: Cabal

    An evening beyond all fantasy, a night beyond your wildest dreams... But then, in the morning, he's gone and all he's left is an empty space in the bed and a note about blackmail and murder... That's when you know you're in too deep.

    Will Bentinck-Stanley is a man of many different aspects. He can be brash and arrogant, yet breathtakingly charming. He can be sensitive and solicitous, but at the same time manipulative. He can be witty and entertaining one minute, yet cold and distant the next. He could sweep you away with the most extravagantly romantic of gestures, and make love to you like you’ve never been made love to before.

    Trudy Parsons has been wooed and wowed by him, but she really should have known that there were yet more aspects of this wealthy, attractive man to be revealed, that he had a dark side, only briefly hinted at as yet. The clues had been there from the start. But back then she’d been blind to it. Back then, she’d even thought she might be falling in love with him

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  • The Object of His Desire 4: Her Desire
    "How do you measure a moment like that? When a man you have every reason to doubt, a man you should never even be giving another chance... when he can look at you like that and you start to melt from the inside, when your heart jackhammers inside your chest and you have to concentrate really hard just to remember how to breathe..."

    Murderous intrigue and dark secrets from the past conspire to make falling in love the hardest thing Trudy Parsons has ever done. How do you love a man if you can never, fully, trust him? A man whose ex-girlfriend has been murdered and who may have used you as nothing more than an alibi?

    Trudy has been wowed and wooed by Will Bentinck-Stanley. She's been flown to the Alps just for dinner. She's seen sides to him that he would normally keep well-hidden. She's been handcuffed to his bed and been used and abused until she ached more than she has ever ached before... ached from the handcuffs and the sex, ached from the intense need for more...

    Will she fall, or should she just walk away? And does she have any say in the matter?

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  • Review:
    When I read this, I read it as 1 continuous story. This was the first time I have read anything by PJ Adams and after reading this fantastic story I am sure I will read more!
    The Object of His Desire is not your typical erotic romance, PJ Adams has creatively combined the erotic with a touch of romantic suspense added to that is a thrilling mysterious subplot...mixed all together and you get a fabulous storyline. I loved it!  

    Writing under other names, PJ Adams is a successful novelist, with several novels published by major publishing houses and optioned for movies.

    As PJ Adams, she writes in the genre closest to her heart, erotic romance - love stories with that added heat, including the popular series, The Object of His Desire.

    Working as Polly J Adams, she writes best-selling erotica, relationship stories crammed full of explicit sex. Among Polly's most popular stories are the Knee-tremblers and Indulgence series about a young woman's relationship with the wealthy owner of a New England sex club.

    Her work often features tangled relationships, true confessions, multiple partners with a bit of spanking and restraint and a lot of oral sex.

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      And if anyone wants to get all four parts of The Object of His Desire in a single volume, it's been published this month:

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