Monday, July 22, 2013

Addicted To Adella by Anna Keraleigh

 Addicted to Adella
 by Anna Keraleigh
"Welcome to Ulla Major! Home to the thousand-floor high rise, the best synthetic food in the quadrant, and the safest space port for five planets. Please be on the lookout for two fugitives, Adella and Sally. Adella Perski is wanted for the murder of her boyfriend. Sally Nupson is wanted for assisting a fugitive. They are armed and dangerous."
Just the words a girl wanted to hear. Adella is stuck running from the law with her best friend Sally by her side. She isn’t exactly wrongfully accused either, but that as they say, is a long story. They’ve been through it all together, the good and the bad. This should be no different.

Things take a strange twist when a wild space chase turns into a romantic touch between the two friends. Could this be the start of something more than lust? Will they live long enough to find out?

Genre: Lesbian, Science Fiction, Erotica
Be Warned: f/f sex
Sci-Fi & lesbian not my usual genre to read, but I gave it a try. I really liked the fact that the story-line & the characters were both very well developed for such a short story. As I was reading I had a picture in my head of the planet, ship, & all of it's surroundings - so A+ for the details! The bedroom scenes were hot! As a novice of the f/f genre, this book wasn't "too much" for me to handle. Overall a really good, quite sexy, read!


Author: (from her website)
Anna has the erotic fairy Kingdom novels published with Evernight Publishing. Anna delved into lesbian stories at the insistence of her girlfriend and found the fit perfect!

She fell in love with the erotica genre the moment she read her first naughty novel. Anna invites you into her world of fantasy where anything is possible.

When she's not writing she enjoys swimming, reading on the deck or trying to save her fish from her cat. (They have a love / hate relationship.)
Where to find Anna Keraleigh & her books:

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