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Storm's Fury by Nya Rayne-Review

Storm's Fury
An Anubi Brothers Novel
by Nya Rayne


Sometimes the very thing you've run from all your life is the one thing that can save you.
Storm's FuryA street-wise hustler, Stormy has been running most of her life from the creature that killed her family. However, when she meets Fury, a being so stubborn he could give a mule lessons, running is no longer an option. When he claims he’s her protector and the other half of her soul, Stormy would rather take her chances with the beast chasing her.
His dogged determination to protect her and his seductive expertise spark to life dreams she’d all but given up on: dreams of belonging to a family, and of having a life where running is nothing more than exercise. But with vile creatures hunting her, demanding her blood, and pack members who want her head instead of her help, Stormy will have to find a way to place her trust and heart in Fury’s care. If she can’t, then neither of them will have a future to dream about.

WOW! Fantastic! I devoured this book. This was the first book I have ever read by author Nya Rayne, and let me tell you....It absolutely won't be the last! This book and the way it is written reminds me of   Gena Showalter's LOTU series. NO, it's not the same, it just reminds me of it...and for me that is a good thing. I love that series and all of Gena's writing. Where LOTU is about Greek & Roman mythology, Storm's Fury & the Anubi brothers is Egyptian mythology. 
I loved the interaction between Storm & Fury, the heat was incredible and the conversations, sometimes quite funny. Although at times, it was frustrating that Fury was being quite evasive with answering questions, I do understand that was just part of the story-line. That just goes to show what great writing can do for a gets them emotionally involved in the story.
The only problem I had with this book (and it is very minor) I thought, as I was reading, that this was the second book in the series, I have since discovered it was the first. Fury's brother, Crul & his chosen Tempest, had quite a story-line going already so I assumed there was a previous book in this series. I look forward to more books by Nya Rayne-especially more books about Anubi brothers!

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