Monday, July 1, 2013

Fatal Promise by Kelly Gendron - review

Fatal Pomise by Kelly Gendron


When Rainey Ann McKenna’s dying husband asked her always to be there for his brother, Tex McCoy, she had no idea that five years later her promise would bring a murderer into her home.

According to the conditions of his release, for the next three months Tex will be on house arrest before starting his probation. Obligated by a promise, Rainey takes the gorgeous but dangerous felon in.

Tex McCoy may have gone to jail for murder, but after almost a decade of being incarcerated, he too is dead inside. Resurrecting any of Tex’s feelings-including the ones he once had for Rainey Ann McKenna-could not only be hazardous to her heart, but fatal to her body.

But beyond his crime, Tex has many other secrets, and with a single word spoken from the killer’s mouth, Rainey’s ordinary life will be changed forever…

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Kelly resides in a quiet suburb somewhere between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY. Her backyard is small but secluded. During the summer you'll find Kelly in her sunroom. The winter months, she sits in her writing room. Her two favorites places to go and write after she gets home from her other job- representing a group of nursing facilities in the WNY area. The weekends are when she really gets lost. She forgets about the dishes, laundry and the family tends to ask her the same question twice. You can usually find her peeking up from her laptop saying "what?" as she tries to pull herself away from her story and come back to the world going on around her.

Writing, what other way is there to describe it- it's Kelly's conviction. After working in the human health field profession for nearly two decades, Kelly's aware of how deficient many people's daily lives are of true human connection. Through her writing she strives to reconnect readers with those all-too-rare feelings of unquenchable desire, heated passion and splendid euphoria.

Kelly has been faithfully writing for three years but did write her first book ten years ago. She put it down to raise her son as a single mom and then picked it back up when she and her son finally grew up. That’s when she settled into her adult life and started to seriously write again. She’s dabbled with paranormal stories, but recently she’s been on a Romantic Suspense kick. The recipe for the men in her stories: dark and mysterious, strong and confident and, of course, besides magnificent bodies, and shameless aptitudes, they must have a heart you want to rip out of the pages (or your e-Reader) and take to bed with you at night.
Fatal Promise is not your usual erotic romance! It is SO much more!
The storyline in this book is absolutely incredible! You live it as you read it, while you get emotionally involved with the characters in this book. The choices to be made, the feelings that need to be explored, you feel these things as you are reading along. That is what I love the most about a great book...when an author takes me along for a ride and I am sitting in the passenger seat yelling at the charecters to "go for it" or "get it together"  or "wtf are you doing?" !!!
Now, don't get me wrong here, this book is also very hot! Some of the fantastic love scenes had me needing a cold shower! The heat between Rainey & Tex is off the charts from almost the very begining.
You really need to read this latest release from Kelly Gendron!
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  2. Great review. Will check the book out.