Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rugged Hearts by Amanda McIntyre

Rugged Hearts
by Amanda McIntyre

Rugged, quiet, hardworking, Wyatt takes his position as head of the Kinnison family seriously. But the scars of betrayal by the women to whom he once trusted his heart now prompt his stark, simple game plan, and no one in hell is going to convince him any differently. What matters most, besides the welfare of his brothers, is to manage the ranch left to him and never risk his heart again to something as foolish as love—but after meeting Aimee, Wyatt begins to realize that a man should never say never to a determined second grade teacher.

When vivacious, resilient Aimee Worth loses her twin sister in a tragic accident, she makes the choice to live out her sister’s dream of teaching in the small mountain community called End of the Line, Montana, never suspecting she’d meet her Mr. Right in the middle of nowhere—he just doesn’t know it yet. Used to challenges, her spirit shatters the perceptions that have kept him isolated from living life beyond the ranch, proving to him that when it comes to love, the greatest risk is not taking one.


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About The Author:

Growing up the daughter of a father who was a distributor for a New York Magazine Publishing firm, Amanda usually had her nose stuck in the latest issue of Vampirella or a Hitchcock Mystery book. An artist first, her penchant for creating started at an early age with crayons and colored pencils and much of what she learned makes her a ‘visual’ writer. Calling herself a renaissance woman, she has worked in the corporate world, written a weekly newspaper column supporting Fine Arts in our schools, loves to travel, do research and perhaps her greatest achievement--raised four kids.

Amanda has been referred to as a "true artist in the writing realm' and her zest for life inspires her "character-driven" stories. Her passion is to take ordinary people and place them in extraordinary situations, delving into the realm of potential and possibility as she watches them become the heroes and heroines of their own stories. She counts herself fortunate to be able to do what she loves, aspires to stay fresh and unique to her voice and listen to her readers. A member of RWA, and a multi-genre hybrid author, her work is published internationally, in audio, in e-book and in print. She currently writes sizzling contemporary and erotic historical romance





Twitter: @amandamcintyre1


“You don’t know me.”

“Which was the point of asking you to coffee. And for the record. That kiss, wasn’t my fault.” She pointed her mittened finger at him.

“Okay, the kiss was a mistake. And fine, we’ll say it was mine. But you have to admit you were flirting. I’m not so old I don’t recognize that.”

She smiled then. “Okay, maybe a little. I admit, it’s been a while since I’ve been on a real date with a guy. This place isn’t exactly crawling with possibilities.”

“Don’t say those kinds of things to me, Aimee.”

“A little too long out on the range there, cowboy?” she asked with a teasing smile.

Dammit. If he wasn’t careful, he’d end up backpedaling to make her like him, and he wasn’t ready yet, or certain all together he’d ever be. “Listen, I won’t lie. I’m attracted to you and yeah, it’s been a while for me, too. And there’s no doubt in my mind we’d be good—very good, together.”

Her eyes widened. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” she whispered.

“But here’s the thing, I’m not looking for anything permanent. I’m happy with my life the way it is. I want no entanglements, no complications. Are you with me here?”

She blinked. “Oh, I hear you, yes. I’m just not sure where you’re going with it.”

He blew out an exasperated sigh. “I guess what I’m saying is if the attraction is the same for you and at some point you feel you’d like to get together—”

“Are you offering me a cowboy booty call?” Her brows rose under her hat.

“I prefer to think of it as consensual. We’re both adults, Aimee. We know what we want, what we need.”

Her blue eyes studied him as though scrutinizing whether his performance was real or not. He prayed he was doing a good enough job convincing her because he wasn’t sure how much more of this pushing-her-away-for-her-own-good business he could take.

“Wow, as romantic as that sounds, cowboy, I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

He tipped his hat. “Take all the time you need.”

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