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Bound by Desire: King Of Diamonds (Wonderland Book #3) by Jaymie Holland

Bound by Deisre
King of Diamonds
Wonderland Book #3
by Jaymie Holland

The award-winning Wonderland series is back, and over sixty-five pages of new and expanded scenes have been added to Bound by Desire: King of Diamonds! 

St. Martin’s Press published the Wonderland series in print only, with the pseudonym Jaymie Holland. Ellora’s Cave published the series primarily in e-book, under the name Cheyenne McCray. Neither version had the new and expanded scenes.

Professor Annie Travis is an academic force to be reckoned with. No one sees the true Annie, the shy, inexperienced southern lady taught to hide her every need and desire. 

No one except the King of Diamonds. Karn draws Annie into his magical world, intent on teaching the teacher the true meaning of passion by dominating her and making her his submissive queen. 

But even as he teaches Annie how to free herself, Karn’s dark past imprisons his heart and soul, keeping him from giving his love to any woman. Will Annie be able to turn the tables on Karn and teach him how to love again? 

***More great news for Wonderland fans. As countless readers have requested, a new fifth book will be coming soon in the series, entitled Owned by Fire.

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Bound by Desire: King of Diamonds was another fantastical trip to the erotic world of Wonderland! Jaymie Holland has re-worked and added over 60 pages to her original book. 

In book #3 we have Karn & Annie's super-sexy story. Karn is the King of Diamonds in the land of Tarok. He is a shifter and a highly sexual dominant who has ever been satisfied by a single woman. Karn accepts his fate to take Annie as a mate but, he will not open his heart to her. Annie has spent the past 2 years searching for her missing cousins and on the anniversary of their disappearance, she is magically swept into the painting she is creating and brought to Tarok to become the mate of the King of Diamonds. When she learns that her missing cousins are near by, Annie insists on seeing them. Karn has other ideas...and wants her to submit to his desires before they are reunited.

I loved this series when I first read it years ago, and now, with the expanded scenes, it is even better. The highly erotic world of Tarok is not your childhood Wonderland~It's so much better!

Author Info:

Jaymie is the alter-ego of New York Times bestselling author Cheyenne McCray.
Several of Cheyenne's novels are being re-published under the name Jaymie Holland, plus you'll find many never-before-published books and novellas!
Jaymie's books are erotica with a dose of romance. They should come with a warning label and a set of oven mitts!

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