Friday, January 17, 2014

Hasty Resolution by Sam Taylor Mullen - Review

Title: Hasty Resolution
Genre: Adult Romance Fiction

Jake, a US Marine, has been on a nonstop roller coaster ride in the Middle East for over a decade. While on a medical leave seeking help for PTSD he snaps and abducts a woman thinking it will be the remedy plaguing his thoughts. The woman, Liz, witnesses his hallucinations, night terrors and anxieties and quickly becomes sympathetic to his plight. A relationship between the two begins to flourish.

 What to say about this book??? Ok, it was well written. The characters were very well developed. The storyline was smooth and understandable. But personally, I just couldn't get into the idea of Liz falling for her kidnapper. As I was reading all that would pop into my head was...Stockholm Syndrome... and it stuck there and wouldn't leave.

Now don't get me wrong, I do realize that this has happened. People have fallen for their captors, whether intentional or not, whether to survive or not, who knows... but, when I am reading a romance book (no matter the genre) I want that escape from my reality, a break from my real life, work, kids, housework etc. and a story about a woman getting kidnapped (no matter that she has a crappy marriage) and falling for that kidnapper, well, it just doesn't do it for me. 

So, personally, the book/storyline wasn't something I could get into. But, it was a well written book with great characters and I would recommend it.

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