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Dark Warrior by Julie Shelton-Spotlight & Giveaway

 Dark Warrior
by Julie Shelton

Title: Dark Warrior           
Genre: Erotic Medieval Romance/Menage
Flame rating: Scorching
Released: 1/15/2014
Publisher: Siren BookStrand

When Nicholas Herron, Duke of Berwick and his best friend, Rolf Torgesson, two of King Edward III’s most powerful and respected knights, discover a badly beaten young woman hiding in the forest, they swear to protect her.  By the time they learn that she is Lady Kathryn Weston, and that her attacker is none other than her betrothed, Robert Walford, the powerful and ruthless Duke of Pemberton, it is too late.  They have both fallen in love with her and she with them—a love so forbidden it could cost them everything, even their lives.
Set amidst the turmoil and pageantry of 14th-century England, Dark Warrior weaves a vivid tapestry of three lost souls bound to each other with a deep, abiding love.  But will that love survive Walford’s evil plan to attack Berwick Castle, take it apart stone by stone and ultimately destroy everyone who lives there?


It's been quite a long time since I have read a historical, let alone a menage historical. So I was looking forward to reading Dark Warrior. I was not disappointed, I enjoyed it very much.

The historical aspect was dead on and the menage aspect was totally hot! The book was full of "thee, thy, & wilst thou" but, after reading nothing but historicals for years, that never bothers me. There were however a few phrases that I know were never used in the Middle Ages....You're hot, for example. But, again, doen't really bother me, especially when the book is so good.

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Nearly blinded by her tears, she sniffled and drew her head back so she could read the expression on his face. He had hoped she had feelings for his best friend? What was he saying? Was this a jest? She stared at him, her confusion apparent in her face. She had expected…what? Anger? Disappointment? Jealousy?

Actually, she didn’t know what she had expected. But, whatever it was, it certainly hadn’t been this! “You…hoped?” Her voice shook. “Youwant me to lo—have feelings for Rolf?” She was shivering so hard, she had to clench her teeth to keep them from chattering.

Nicholas was unable to contain his smile. “Aye, beloved. Don’t you see? ’Tis‘Tis perfect. The two people I love most in the world also love each other. What could be better? Or more natural?”

“Nick—” Rolf’s tone was a warning.

“’Tis‘Tis perfect, Rolf.”

“Nay, Nick. Not this time. Not with her.”

“Especially with her.”

“What?” Kathryn asked, bewildered, looking from one beloved face to the other. “You want us to love each other? I don’t understand, Nicholas. What’s going on here? What are you talking about?” She could hardly speak for the shivers wracking her body.

Rolf’s expression was one of anger. For his part, Nicholas looked almost sheepish. “We…uh, that is, Rolf and I—well, we have been known, in the past, to share our women.”

Completely mystified, she shook her head. “What does that mean? ‘Share your women’?”

“It means we both have sex with the same woman at the same time,” Nicholas explained. “’Tis so much more pleasurable for the woman when two men are…stimulating her…simultaneously.”

“It means,” Rolf said coldly, “that we used women for our own pleasure. Women who were willing. Women we cared naught about. Women who were naught more to us than holes to fuck,” he finished crudely. “There for us to enjoy and then discard when we were done.”

“Not exactly how I would have phrased it,” Nicholas said, glowering at Rolf. “But true enough, in a manner of speaking. Which is why this is so much more important. So much better.”

“She’s thy wife, Nick—or will be in just two days. She’s thine! She belongs to thee. She’s not some harlot for the two of us to tumble for our own amusement.”

“She’s someone we both love,” Nicholas said, struggling for patience. This was not going nearly as well as it had inside his head during the wee hours of the morning. “And what better way to show her just how much we love her, than by allowing her to love both of us in return? To have both of us? Freely. Without guilt. We would be here for her pleasure.”

Rolf shook his bald head, turning to leave. “I won’t do it, Nick. I won’t let her do it.”

“Rolf—” Nicholas followed after him.

“Forget it. I’ll not do it.”

“Rolf, please. Just hear me out, that’s all I want.”

“What about what I want?” The soft, quiet voice stopped them both dead in their tracks.
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  1. There's something about "Earls/Dukes/Lords and Ladies" that just seem so fantastic to me since I'm in the US that they just pull me in.