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Friends and Lovers by Tara Mills - Contest & Review

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Friends and Lovers
By: Tara Mills
Can the man of Lauren’s dreams save her from the man in her nightmares?

Wes Dunlop was a hot commodity in high school and the ruin of good reputations, so it was easy to criticize the guy when his sister did it too. Then Lauren McKay actually met her best friend’s brother, and she was intrigued. When he came to her rescue, she was doomed. Afraid to admit her change of heart, Lauren hid her secret from both of them.

Fifteen years later Wes is back. Now a dedicated cop, he’s determined to win Lauren—the girl he can’t forget and the only one his sister demanded he leave alone. But he finds that Lauren’s life is a lot more complicated than he imagined.

Personal tragedy made Lauren a fierce defender of battered women. However, when a dangerous gunman tracks his wife to Lauren’s shelter, the protector becomes the target. Her life suddenly in the balance, nothing will stop Wes from doing everything in his power to rescue her.

Lauren shook her head and went searching in her handbag for a tissue. Blotting her eyes and wiping her nose, she finally sobbed, “I feel like I don’t even know Sherry anymore.”

Wes gripped the back of her headrest, wishing he could stroke her hair instead. “Sure you do.”

“I didn’t know any of her friends. I’ve been replaced. It’s like we’re strangers. I’ve missed so much.”

Now he understood. “Do you care about Sherry?”

“Yes,” said Lauren without hesitation.

“Then you have to make the effort to repair the friendship. Just because Sherry has new friends doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you in her life too. You have to reestablish your connection, that’s all. It isn’t going to happen overnight or even in two short hours. What did you expect?”

She threw up her hands. “I don’t know.”

He’d never seen a more forlorn expression in his life. The tears clinging to Lauren’s lashes were too much for him. Expelling a deep sigh, Wes cupped the back of her neck and pulled her in. His kiss was soft, compassionate, and infinitely tender. The wet tissue in Lauren’s hand flattened out against his shirt and he felt the moisture leech through the light cotton, dampening his skin underneath. He didn’t give a damn.

The timing was wrong, all wrong, and yet he couldn’t help himself. The need to be close to her, comfort and caress her was almost unbearable. In his mind he’d held back long enough. Now it was up to her. If Lauren pulled away or asked him to stop he would.

She clutched his shirt instead.

 The first chapter can be read under the Friends and Lovers title page on Tara’s website.

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I had the chance to read this wonderful story a few weeks ago. What a great has romance, humor, lost loves, old friendships renewed, & of course a rescue of the heroine by the hero!
I think most of us can relate in some way to Lauren. She severed her relationship with her best friend because she was in love with her brother. Later in life, she has the chance to renew that friendship and she is so unsure of herself and that friendship, that you can feel her trepidation while reading. Now, that is the sign of a great storyteller! When Lauren comes in contact with her former crush, Wes, again you can feel the tension between them as you read. I always love a story that puts my emotions on the line while reading. Tara Mills' writing put you right in the story, she makes you feel like a part of what is happening.

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  2. Good luck, Miki, and thank you, Kerry, for sharing your blog with me and your wonderful review. I'm jazzed that you enjoyed it. :)

  3. This sounds interesting!! Adding to my TBR list!!