Thursday, August 28, 2014

Marked - Tattoos & Leather Series by Jaymie Holland

Tattoos & Leather series
by Jaymie Holland

Flight attendant Tracie Bell’s career has her always on the go. Too busy flying from one airport to the next, having already learned the hard lesson about not mixing business with pleasure, Tracie is content with her dark dream lover fantasies and memories of submission past. As for the men in her life, well, they might as well get frequent flier miles for as often as they take flight, never seeming to stick around when she really needs them. It’s not that she’s bitter about it, but she knows it’s inevitable that they always take off and leave her. 

But Tracie is not just a play-with-anyone kind of woman. She craves submitting to a Dom and being owned and used for pleasure. Approaching the gate for a pickup flight to Hawaii, Tracie finds herself begrudgingly attracted to not only one but two of her first class passengers, Lucas and Kane. 

Lucas Connor and Kane Allen hadn’t been sure they were ready to entertain seeing someone again after losing the woman they loved to a violent act more than a year ago. Seeing Tracie’s beautiful features blush with her mutual attraction was all it took for them to open to the idea. She’s intelligent, caring, sweet, and oh-so-submissive. Problem is she’s too skittish to involve herself in any kind of relationship, especially with two men. Even after a night of incredible passion, she runs. 

Now Lucas and Kane must show her she’s made her mark on their hearts. Forever and always.
Marked is so damn hot I thought my Kindle would melt from the heat! Another fantastic story in the Tattoos & Leather series from Jaymie Holland (AKA Cheyenne McCray). I love everything Jaymie/Cheyenne has written so when the opportunity arose to read/review Marked I jumped at it.
Because of her past, Tracie is very reluctant to take the chance that 2 of her 1st class passengers, Lucas & Kane present her. If 2 such hot alpha guys propositioned me I would have a hard time turning them down...but I digress! After finally giving in to her ultimate fantasy of 2 dominant men in bed, Tracie runs from her emotions and her guys. Kane & Lucas find a way to show Tracie that she is everything they have ever wanted in their lives and in their bed!
If you are looking for a smoking hot read, look no further than Marked!

Jaymie is the alter-ego of New York Times best selling author Cheyenne McCray.
Several of Cheyenne's novels are being re-published under the name Jaymie Holland, plus you'll find many never-before-published books and novellas!
Jaymie's books are erotica with a dose of romance. They should come with a warning label and a set of oven mitts! To get to know a little bit more about Jaymie/Cheyenne please visit:
Website:  Jaymie  or  Cheyenne

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