Thursday, November 14, 2013

Passion Eternal by Jenn Sawyer

Passion Eternal
(Passion Eternal series)
 by Jenn Sawyer

Tina Shawn was nine years old when she developed an uncontrollable crush on Brad Anderson, who was two years older than her.

Now, seven years later, the boy who has held the key to her heart is moving out of Cleveland, Ohio. It spells the end of her dream. But little does she realize that their paths will cross again. Except that finding her dream again only gradually throws her into a state of confusion as conflicting events unfold.


First, let me start with the rough parts...Passion Eternal needs a bit more work. By this, I mean editing. I am not one to bitch about a few mistakes found in a book. No one is perfect. But, Passion Eternal needs some more work on the editing end, grammar, punctuation, etc.

Now on to the story itself...Passion Eternal has a great storyline, but, it's missing a few details along the way. As the reader, I needed a bit more background information to get a better idea of Tina & Brad's situation. Why does Tina's mother treat her like dirt? What is going on with Brad's parents (we are told his mother is sick-but it doesn't explain enough to tell us about their relationship and how it makes Brad who he is).

There are a couple of spots throughout the book where we jump ahead quite quickly in time, and this leaves the reader wondering what happened in the meantime to get us to that point.

There is a really good story in there but it does need some work. I give Ms Sawyer kuddos for her effort, as much as I read and have ideas for books floating around in my head, I would never be brave enough to put it to paper! From the title, I am assuming there will be more to come, I look forward to seeing Ms Sawyer's sophmore work.

*This book was provided by the author for my honest opinion of the work.


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