Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sugar On Top by Virginia Nelson - spotlight & review

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Sugar on Top

Virginia Nelson

Some people have got to get real…

Lydia Tompkins isn’t looking for love. She’s annoyed. A dating site devoted to matching up gold diggers with men willing to pay for their time? Thinking she can add a dash of reality to their pipe dreams of Stepford wives, she uploads her picture and a piece of her mind and never expects any serious responses.

Some people even want to…

Chandler Hawk remembers a time before the wealth. Finding the most appalling dating site he’s ever heard of while surfing the net, he clicks on it and finds the most real woman he’s seen in a long time.

The sugar daddy meets a woman who doesn’t need a man to take care of her and sparks fly. Will they find a happily ever after, with Sugar on Top?

Leaning close, he breathed in her ear. The hot feel of it, the knowledge his mouth was right there, sent a long quaking shiver down her back. Placing her hands on the soft fabric of his dress shirt and reveling in the heat of his chest, she inhaled his scent. Leather and man.
“Are you going to say game on?”
She whimpered.
Dammit. She wasn’t some weak minded woman swept away by a hard dick and a mouth that made her body sing.
Trying to get herself together, she opened her mouth to tell him as much but, instead, “Game on.”
That husky whisper, was that really her?
His mouth found hers and his hands caught at her hips, bunching the fabric in his fists.


My first thought as I started to read this story was WOW cynical much-meaning Lydia. But I let it go and continued to read.

Taken at face value, this book is great! Two people, who haven't found what they wanted and/or needed in life for a partner, go to somewhat extreme lengths and found them.

The book was funny-
    "I was considering whether or not you were a psycho axe murderer or some kind of rich ass chubby chaser."

    " I didn't expect you to be so...nice"  The confession cost him.
    " I didn't expect you to ...I don't know. Be so attractive. Thoughtful. Real"

The book was hot-
“So, round two?”
“Uh, we have to make rules.”
He nodded. Fuck rules.
“I can touch.”
She nodded, breath catching.
He stood, towering above her. “You just time this one, okay?”
Her head tilted back, keeping him in her range of vision. “Okay.”

“You can touch me if you want,” he added, backing her up with his size.

When her back hit the wall, he caged her with his arms. “Oh, and Lydia?”
“Try not to get loud.”
Her brow wrinkled and he captured her lips.
The book was a fast, funny, hot read. I enjoyed it very much. I had to remind myself it wasn't a book to delve into and psycho-anylize the charecters, or else I would be here for days going on about unreal expectations & how cynical they both were. It was, plain & simply, just a really good fun read!


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