Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Ops inc (B.O.I.s) series by Cindy Gerard

Within the last couple of months I have become interested in a - new to me - genre of books.
Suspense, Thriller, Romantic Suspense, call it what you will, I will call it a new addiction! Lucky me, most of this genre is written in series ie: more to feed that addiction!

Examples of the series I have been checking out are
This last series on my list, Black ops Inc by Cindy Gerard is the focus of this post/review. I picked up the 1st book in the series, "Show No Mercy" on the Monday before Thanksgiving (11/19) and didn't stop reading until I finished the last book in the series (that is available), "With no remorse" today (11/30)! That is 6 books read in 11 days! Ok throw in Thanksgiving & Black Friday & the fact that my kids had a 4 day weekend, we can knock it back to 6 books read in about 6 days!

I could not put these down!

Now, I am not going to go into the detail of each & every book in the series, but, I will give you an overview. Black Ops Inc is a group of guys (very hot guys) who worked together on "ops" for "Uncle" around the world. Each of the guys come from different military backgrounds and were put together as a team. During one "op" a team member was killed, this brought them all closer together, like brothers.When the military decided their services were no longer needed, they went to work for their former "CO" as a private "contracting" company, & Black Ops inc was formed.
Although each of the books in this series are about the individuals that make up the team, I like the idea that all the team members are featured in all the books. Their camaraderie, brotherhood, friendships are continued throughout the entire series. It is this camaraderie that I enjoyed the most, the way they interacted with each other throughout the series was fun and exciting. As I read each book, I felt like I got to know the characters personally, which in turn made me want to read the next book to find out about their HEA! Each individual book was full of suspense, thrills, chills, and of course love.
I have to mention there are a couple of novellas that are connected to this series. I have not had the opportunity to read these, yet, but you can bet I certainly will ASAP! Please take the time to check out this series. If you enjoy romantic-suspense as much as I now do, you will love this series.


                                    And now on to Cindy Gerard's "Bodyguard" series, while I await the release of the next
book in the Black Ops inc series (come on February!!)and the next in the K.G.I./Kelly series, and the next in the Edge of Honor series....Well you get the idea, I am hooked on this genre.
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  1. new follower via book blogs, thought I'd say hi! Trev @

  2. I have been a MAJOR Cindy Gerard fan for a while now. Romantic suspense is my favorite genre to read. Check out Tara Janzen's Steele Street "Crazy" series and the follow-up "Loose" series.

  3. I absolutely agree!!!!! I did the exact same thing, I devoured each book. I read each book in a day (yep I lost a lot of sleep). I am looking forward to the next book with bitter sweet anticipation, as we will bid the BOI boys goodbye; I understand this is the last book in the series. (sniffle). I have read every book Cindy has written and enjoyed them all. I will read whatever she writes and am anxious to see what will come next.

  4. I am a big fan of CIndy's and I have read all her Black OP's books.. I have not read her Bodyguard series, but I will be adding them to my kindle...

  5. I am so glad I found this series close to the end, That way I could read them 1 after the other! Have you read any of the other series I posted about here..Lori Foster's Edge of Honor-HOT! Maya Banks KGI/Kelly series-HAWT! ;) I just downloaded the 1st Bodyguard book into the Kindle to start reading it tonight.

  6. Hi, I'm Laura and I'm a romantic suspense addict. :-P Cindy's stuff is AWESOME! She's also a really nice person in general. I can't wait to get "SEAL of my Dreams," which is a series of short stories about SEALs (as in Navy SEALs, not the porpoises), and all the proceeds go towards veterans medical research. Cindy wrote one of the stories, it's about one of the BOIs, I think maybe Luke/Doc.

    I'm also a fan of Pamela Clare's romantic suspense novels, and Linda Howard has some amazing suspenses, too.

    Welcome to the clan!

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