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Rafe, Inked Brotherhood Book #5 by Jo Raven - Q&A with Jo Raven & Review

Inked Brotherhood
Book #5
by Jo Raven

His name is Rafaele Vestri, Rafe to his friends.

He’s tall, strong, handsome. Distant. He often comes to the coffee shop where I work, but we don’t talk much. He looks at me, though. Stares at me, his gaze heated, and I can’t help but stare back. I want him, I won’t deny it. I’ve never seen anyone that beautiful, anyone that powerful, in my life.

But he’s growing more withdrawn by the day. Something’s up, and he won’t tell. I know about his past—the murder of his family when he was fifteen. I can imagine how much it must have cost him. So much violence contained in that strong body, waiting to be unleashed. What is he seeking? What is he training so hard for? Why is he looking at me like he’s dying to touch me, but won’t dare?
Even as I try to stop thinking about him, get interested in other boys, I realize I can’t. I’m caught, body and soul, just like that. And I tell myself, Megan, girl… What have you gotten yourself into this time?

Standalone novel. No cliffhanger.

*Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young readers.*

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Q&A with Jo Raven

              Please tell us a little about yourself….

I am crazy – crazy about sexy boys, cats and spicy food. I also love spicy scenes and sexy food. I love what’s different and dramatic and painful but also beautiful. I am a writer of romance, so I guess I have to be that way, or I’d be writing biographies of dead poets, wouldn’t I? I’d love to travel to Japan one day, so if you have any free tickets, please send them my way!

              How/when did you decide to write?

This is one of those trick questions, isn’t it? Confess!! Lol. I will be specific: I decided to start publishing my romance a year ago. But I have been writing all my life.

              What is one thing about you that your readers would find surprising or never guess about you?

Let me see… Maybe the fact I am not married to a tattooed dude, and don’t have many tats myself. I have one tiny tat – then again I am planning on getting more, so… Oh and I make my own book covers!

              Tell us a little about your latest book/release/WIP?

My latest tattooed boy is RAFE – book five in the Inked Brotherhood series. The series consists of stand-alone novels (they can be read independently, although reading them in order is better!)
Rafe has a lot of demons. His family was murdered in front of his eyes when he was fifteen and he has been hiding his sorrow since then – but can’t win. When he sees his family’s murderer on the street, he knows he has to protect the girl he loves by pushing her away and do everything in his power – including giving up his life – to make the culprit pay.

              What’s one thing that you enjoy most about writing? Least?

I love creating the characters in my head, brainstorming the plot, doing weird research on the internet to find out information. I love finding pictures to inspire me and talking to friends about it.
I don’t like revising and editing and proofreading… I know it’s necessary, and I don’t hate it, but it’s not my favorite part of the process.

·       .  Who is one of your favorite authors that you enjoy reading?

I have so many… I really love Colleen Hoover and Tammara Webber. I also love JA Huss, Jay Crownover and so many others…

Quickie Questions

·         Milk or Dark chocolate? MILK

·         Coffee or tea? COFFEE

·         Leather or lace? LEATHER

·         Hard & Fast or Long & Slow? HARD AND FAST

·         Favorite junk food? CHEESEBURGERS

·         One thing (object, not people) you can’t live without? MY LAPTOP

·         One unusual item in/on/around your workspace? A PLUSHIE IN THE SHAPE OF A BIRTHDAY CAKE

·         Favorite  adult beverage? BEER

Jo Raven writes New Adult contemporary romance. She loves sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines, and divides her time between writing and reading. When not cooking up plots, she putters in her cluttered kitchen and dreams of travelling.

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Rafe is book #5 in the series but, it can be read as a stand-alone. This is the only book in the series I have read and it was fabulous.

Rafe is such a dark character with so much tragedy in his life it made me wonder if he could actually have an HEA. He doesn't allow many people to get too close. Megan has a dark past too and together they can help each other through anything, if they each allow the other in. These characters both have a lot to deal with through out the entire book.

From darkness to light through love, this book was extremely well written and all the characters had such depth to their personalities, it was like watching a movie in my head.I urge you to check out Rafe and all the other books in the Inked Brotherhood series.
I know I am going to go back and read them all.

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