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For The Love Of Her Dragon by Julia Mills - Author Q&A

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For_the_love_of_her_Dragon_FINAL_06072014_copy (2)Kyra St. Croix is a strong, feisty, independent woman who is not afraid to tell speak her mind. An incredibly powerful white witch born of the High Priestess and a human father, she hasn’t let a little thing like lack of height stop her from having the life she knows she deserves. Early on she learned to use all she was given to achieve her goals. Twenty-five years ago, she turned her back on her birthright hoping that one day Destiny would bring her the love she was promised. Her belief that she will doing anything for that love is stretched to the breaking point when the One she waited for will not accepted who she is and can only see what she is. Now, Hope may be Kyra’s worst enemy.
There Are No Coincidences…
Royce O'Reilly is the oldest and most respected member of the MacLendon Force. Since joining the Golden Fire Clan, he has been proud to watch all whom he calls brethren become fierce warriors, ever faithful to eradicating those that would destroy all they hold dear. His life has been dedicated to the training and guidance of the younger Guardsmen, one of his proudest accomplishments. One hundred and fifty-six years of life have given him immeasurable joy and now that three of his brethren have found and mated the One the Universe made for them, hope has been restored not only to the honorable Guardsman but also to dragon kin. Unfortunately, Royce is learning that Hope can be fickle and the Universe has a sick sense of humor, especially when they have made his Destiny in the form of a five-foot two-inch bundle of powerful Earth witch named Kyra St. Croix.
The Universe Does Not Make Mistakes…
Two souls…destined for a Great Love decreed by Fate. But Fate has Her hands full with this couple and if that wasn’t enough, the traitor has an army ready to destroy all they both hold dear. Can he forget the past and believe in the future? Can she forgive the betrayal and believe Love always find a way? Can they defeat an evil with no conscience, only the desire for vengeance? The Universe, the Goddess and Fate have their work cut out for them if Kyra is to know the love of her dragon.

Fate Will Not Be Denied…

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Q&A with Julia Mills

• Please tell us a little about yourself…. I am just a big kid. I love to laugh and goof around. One of my favorite things is to have tons of people over to the house, cook up a big meal and just hang out. I have two daughters, 22 and 17 that are the best thing ever along with 3 dogs and 3 cats. 

• What is one thing about you that your readers would find surprising or never guess about you? I was born and raised in a town whose population was only 89 people. 

• Tell us a little about your latest book? Saved by Her Dragon, the 5th in the Dragon Guard series, features Devon, the most soulful and Zen of the Force. His father was a great warrior and his mother is an Elder Healer for the clan so he possesses a balance between the physical and spiritual that they others do not but in matter so the heart sometimes none of that matters. At the end of For the Love of Her Dragon, Devon had just found his mate but as all great love stories go, there is a catch. She is in the hospital, in a coma, and listed as a Jane Doe. The battle for her life and their love will take the Guardsmen to places he never knew existed. 

• What’s one thing that you enjoy most about writing? I LOVE MY READERS! There are just the best! They keep me going with their comments and story ideas! They are truly the bright stop of my writing experience!  Least? Writing blurbs and synopsis LOL. I am never sure what it too much and what is not enough. I usually end up just putting a little bit of everything that is going to happen and calling it a day!

• How would you describe your writing process?
 Craziness. I don't really outline. I have the story in my head and make notes but for the most part it is just sit down and see where the characters and the story take me. While I writing a book my daughters say that my desk looks like a sticky note factory exploded! There are notes of every color stuck to just about every surface. It is a lot of fun!

• Who is your favorite author that you enjoy reading? OH WOW! There are so many! I LOVE indie authors and read as many of them as I can get my hands on. I am a HUGE paranormal romance reader (DUH...I know!) so I read JD Nelson, Kym Grosso, Darlene Kuncytes, OL Ramos, Kelley Grealis...just to name a few. I also really like mysteries and thrillers and I have to admit that JD Robb is a guilty pleasure of mine. Her In Death series is just awesome! 

• One thing (object, not people) you can’t live without? For my writing it is sticky notes! 

• One unusual item in/on/around your work space? 2 toy fire trucks that were my dad's when he was growing up.

Author Bio

Julia Mills - author_pic Mom of two rockin' girls, Reader of everything, Author of The Dragon Guards series and many more surprises to come! I am a sarcastic,sometimes foul-mouthed, not afraid to drink a beer, always southern woman with 2 of the most amazing teenage daughters, a menagerie of animals and a voracious appetite for reading who recently decided to write the storied running through her brain. I read my first book, Dr Suess' Cat in The Hat by myself at 4 and was hooked. I believe a good book along with shoes, makeup and purses will never let a girl down and that all heroes of all the books I have ever read or will ever write pale in comparison to my daddy! I am a sucker for a happy ending and love some hot sweaty sex with a healthy dose of romance. I am still working on my story but believe it will contain all of the above with as much SPICE as I can work into it. CHEERS!


Laughing, they began their trek, joking and teasing but the fun was long forgotten after several hours of endless walking. Kyra was hot, tired and seriously pissed, convinced they were just wasting time, aimlessly marching around the hillside. She was just about to suggest a break when a chill ran down her spine and her hands began to shake. Without saying a word, she dropped into the lotus position with her backpack on her lap and began pulling out her supplies, completely ignoring Lance’s bitching and Devon’s inquiries about her well being It took only a few seconds and she had the silver-framed mirror that had been her great-great-grandmother’s, a vial of blessed water from the Black Lake, and her special herbs and was working her Scrying Spell. She could hear the two Guardsmen discussing what she was doing but concentrated on the task at hand. They had been around her long enough to know she wasn't wasting time; any other explanations would have to wait.

The spell took less than five minutes and had a side effect she had only experienced one other time in her life. Not only did she get a location on Andrew but she also had a vision of what he was planning. The scene that played out in her mind was like watching a horror movie only she could feel what each character felt. Her heart raced and a cold sweat broke out all over her body but she was stuck, watching the complete annihilation of a quaint little community tucked in a once beautifully lush valley. Everything she saw was from Andrew’s point of view so although she hadn’t seen him, she knew he was there but that was the only thing that felt familiar.

She searched the faces of the dead and injured for any indication of the target of the asshole’s destruction but nothing looked familiar and there wasn’t any sound to help. All she knew was that he was somewhere off a rocky coast with turbulent waters and he was having a great time hurting anyone and everyone in his path. The silent movie of destruction went on and on. When she was sure she couldn’t take any more pain and suffering and had decided to see what the guys thought about what she had seen, her heart ceased to beat and her lungs refused to hold air, there standing in the middle of the war zone was Royce. His brow was furrowed, his brown eyes scanning the area for those that most needed his help. Her heart broke when she saw the cuts and bruises covering most of his beautiful face and his torn, bloody and soot-covered clothes.

The horror show unfolding in Andrew’s mind switched to slow motion as Royce moved from person to person helping the living from the rubble and getting them to safety. He wasn’t the only one working rescue but he was the only one that mattered to her. He shouted something and she cursed the lack of sound. In the next instant, a taller version of Royce (Was that even possible?) appeared to his right. The resemblance was uncanny. The new guy’s hair was short and curly but an auburn red instead of bright red and he was not all muscular and hunky, more long and lean which only added to how absolutely tall he was. The two worked furiously to clear away the debris, looking for someone or something specific. Even though only a vision, she could tell they were engaged in a constant stream of mind speak, another wonderful perk of being magical.

An ominous sense of danger filled her and once again her breath stilled in her lungs. She watched as both men turned in unison and began running almost faster than her eyes could track. They were obviously screaming orders to anyone that could hear from the expressions they wore and the way their mouths moved. The feeling of impending doom engulfed every cell of Kyra’s body as she felt Andrew’s enjoyment grow. The sick son if a bitch was enjoying what he was seeing and delighted that more was coming.

Horror movies had never been her thing and to have the man that was her mate in a starring role in one that would be a reality was seriously freaking her out. Sifting through everything she had ever learned that was stored in her goofy brain, she looked for a way to pull out of the vision. Finally, she found what she thought might work, but true to form, a bright light burst before her eyes, vibrations of an explosion she knew was taking place in her mind gave her the sensation of falling right before her world went black.

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