Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Opal Carew's new serial novel His To Command releases today 01/08

What's a serial novel you ask??
well, it's a old concept that seems to have gotten new life lately. Parts of the book are released every week, bi-weekly, monthly or whatever amount of time is decided. Maybe it will be 4or5 chapters every 2 weeks or 6 chapters every 4 weeks. Either way this older concept of the serial story has been seeing a brand new life of late, and one of the authors who is releasing a serial novel is Opal carew!
As a matter of fact the first 2 installments of His To Command release today!
I was lucky enough to be chosen by Opal Carew's publisher to receive an early copy of installment #1 for review.
His to Command #1 The Chase

His To Command #1: The ChaseFrom author Opal Carew comes the first sizzling segment in the erotic serial novel His to Command that explores one woman's surrender to desire at the hands of a dominant billionaire.
Strong, independent, smart, Kate is a modern business woman who knows exactly how to run her well organized world. But underneath her professional exterior lurks a secret she's been running from for years...a secret desire to be dominated that both exhilarates her and terrifies her. When an old lover, Matt Pearce, unexpectedly shows up, Kate is bombarded by sensual memories of their affair. Matt was the first and only man to give her a taste of domination, and she's never been able to forget. But though she's spent years trying to forget him, this time she may not be able to get away.

The first question I asked myself is...how do I review part of a book? I am not too sure on this but here goes nothing....or something
So far, so good! It seems to be typical Opal Carew writing (which I very much always enjoy)
There haven't been too many hawt scenes, YET! But, knowing Opal's writing I am very sure this will eventually get extremely hot! The first installment sets the backstory of this couple. It gets the reader ready to jump right in with what's to be. This is the first serial that I have read (that I remember anyway) and after reading just the first installment of this one, I know I am so ready for more of it. I cannot give a rating since this is really only about the first few chapters. I think later on down the road, I will rate it.

Here are the release dates for this serial:

1/8/2013 #1 The Chase and #2 The Capture
1/15/2013 #3 The Revalation
1/22/2013 #4 The Arrangement
1/29/2013 #5 The Submission
2/5/2013 #6 The Surrender

Check out Opal Carew's website for more on this fun serial release

His To Command #2: The CaptureHis To Command #3: The RevelationHis To Command #4: The ArrangementHis To Command #5: The SubmissionHis To Command #6: The Surrender

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