Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Review Ratings

 I decided to come up with some easy to read/understand ratings for my reviews.
The first rating a book will get is a "Key" rating.

1 through 5 "Keys"

Does this book have all the keys to being a great read/story that I am looking for?
Here are some of my ideas for the "keys" to a great book.

  •  To me the first & foremost thought I have about a book is it's overall storyline. Plain & simple, is it a good story? Did it entertain me?
  • Does the book/story flow well? Not skipping around and confusing adding a character where there wasn't one before, jumping from place to place (Unless it's paranormal & people can do this in that world) 
  •  Do the characters "mesh"? Some just seem too outrageous to have been put together.
  • Does the book have many grammar or punctuation mistakes? I do take ARC's into consideration, of course.
The next type of rating will be a "heat" index.
This one is easy...just how hot was the book.

1 through 5 Hearts

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