Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A local up & coming author makes her mark for the animals!

Miss Anna Rose Rudy is a remarkable young lady who lives just one town over from me. Anna has taken her love of animals to a level above & beyond most 8 yr olds.

In 2009, with the help of her mom, Anna made & sold animal bookmarks to help raise money for the WWF.

Then in 2010 Anna went walking for wildlife. She walked 9 miles along the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary and raised money to help the animals effected by the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico.

Now in 2012, Anna has written her own book about our local zoo. The proceeds from the sale of these books are going back to the zoo to help the animals.

Animals, books, 8 yr old young ladies (my daughter is 8 also), & the Stone zoo are all an important part of my life too. I grew up right down the road from the Stone Zoo and now my children get to go there with me. So, I wanted to share this young authors story with you and hope you check out her website and maybe even purchase the book for your special 8 yr old.

Website: Anna4animals.net

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