Friday, February 3, 2012

Another year bites the dust!!

My birthday has just passed and I got to celebrate it by a phone call from my youngest's school nurse. "come and get your child she just threw up"

Just what I really needed to hear that day!

Then, Hubby worked late, my Mom forgot to get a cake (didn't really want one anyway-with child barfing) and one of my siblings completely forgot until about 1am when she texted me "Happy Bday". At my age, I don't need a party, present, or even a card. But, really don't forget me!!??

I have been reading like crazy this week just to take my mind off the "age thing". So I will have some reviews up soon. After, I manage the GS troop's cookie booth, sort the GS troop's delivery orders (780 boxes are not going to fit in my dining room) the SuperBowl (Yes I am a huge Patriots fan-I love me some football), cooking for the SuperBowl, and of course cleaning up after the Kidlet who keeps tossing her cookies every half hour!

To add to all this I (2/2 is the Bday) did see my shadow-so 6 more weeks of winter!!

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