Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review Tool Belt Defender by Carla Cassidy

Tool Belt Defender by Carla Cassidy

Harlequin Romantic Suspense
December 20, 2011
"It's party time."
That's the "invitation" shoved under her door. It's got Brittany Grayson fearing for her life…and her sanity. She's sure the monster who once held her captive for months is dead, so why his chilling words in the note? His menacing face in the window? And why won't anyone —even her lawmen brothers—believe that somehow he's after her again?
Brittany just wants a normal, independent life in Black Rock. Romance is out of the question…although she's okay as friends-with-benefits with Alex Crawford, her hunky, marriage-phobic contractor. Alex, a single dad, has his own good reasons not to fall for Brittany. But none of them matter when the race is on to find the killer who's kidnapped her!

Not quite the dark romantic suspense that I usually read. Not quite believable to me that Brittany was diving into "getting on with her life" after being kidnapped & tortured for months by a serial killer (maybe if it was weeks I would have believed it more) but I understand the need for the background story in order to show her vulnerability.
That being said I did like this story overall. I liked Alex and Brittany, the way they were brought together was believable. The idea that they both had something in their pasts that kept them from being able to see they were good for each other. I also liked the fact that Alex was being cautious because of his daughter. Having a 7 yr old myself, I could see my daughter's face while reading some of the interactions Alex's daughter had with Brittany.
A quick, easy read (for me anyway) I did enjoy the story, and may even check out some of the others in the Blackrock Lawmen series.

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher for review purposes.

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