Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Happy & Healthy New Year!!!!

Busy time of the year for all, i imagine. I know it's been crazy for me!
Not much time to read at all :(
But, more time to spend with the family, and that goes a long way.

For the past few weeks we have decorated the entire house-inside & out. The kids each got to decorate their own trees. A few years back I bought each of them a small 3 ft tree so they could each have one for their own rooms and add whatever they wanted to them.
I was secretly hoping they would then let Mom decorate the big tree all on her own. You see, I am OCD when it comes to decorating the tree. Ornaments, lights, etc have to be perfectly placed and co-ordinated or I end up having panic attacks (not really, but I try to convince the kids of this)
Every year I have a theme for my tree. usually it's a color theme. Back in 2009, our tree stood 9 ft tall,  it was in a stand that couldn't hold it and it fell over on Christmas eve. I lost many of my favorite ornaments that year. It has taken me 2 years but I have replaced what I could of those blue ornaments and now the tree has my favorite color theme again.


To celebrate my favorite theme this year I entered my tree into a contest being held by the Tree Farm where we order ours from every year.
YES! I did say order, every year for the past 10 years or so, we order our fralsam tree from
They cut our tree & within 24 hrs, box it up & send it to us via Fed Ex
(yup! Fed Ex delivers our tree)

So now I am campaigning for votes on my tree.
Please follow the link below and "like" my (Kerry Fraser-Pacious) tree??!
The contest ends at 5pm Friday 12/23.
Whomever gets the most "likes" wins a free tree next year!

Vote Here

What are some of your favorite Holiday traditions ?
Do you have any unusual traditions, like my kids having their own trees?
I hope everyone has  safe, healthy, happy holidays


  1. My favorite holiday tradition is putting up the tree. We usually do it on my birthday weekend. We blast Christmas music and decorate to our heart's content.

    I'm a new follower. I found you through Book Blogs.

  2. Thanks for following Kelly! We have 2 family members with December Birthdays. I love blasting my Christmas CD's too

  3. What a lovely Tree... I have had my annual holiday party for my neices and nephews and now this is my time to enjoy watching my fav Christmas movies and ready my fav books...