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A Walk In The Park by Ellen March ~ Review

A Walk In The Park
by Ellen March

Tory’s mother gave her twelve “fathers.” Tory gave her heart to each one of them, only to have it trampled. Now she wants nothing to do with romance. Though breathtakingly beautiful, she lives hand to mouth and has made up her mind to muddle through as best she can without a man.

Then Tory’s life is disrupted yet again. Witness to a murder and fearing retribution, she retreats to a rental cottage to care for her brother’s Alaskan malamutes—dogs famous for their destructive ways, combativeness, and noisy “wooing.” It doesn’t take long for Cole, whose cottage next door serves as a refuge from his business empire, to beat the door down, intending to read her the riot act. At the sight of the dogs’ delectable caretaker, his fury quickly evaporates and is replaced by a resolve to get her into his bed. Cole is any girl’s dream man but also her worst nightmare. Gorgeous multi-millionaire he may be; he’s also a notorious cad. The fact that Tory doesn’t care either way makes him all the more determined to conquer her.

Irresistible Cole may be, but he’s never met the likes of Tory and her five malamute charges.

The very beginning of the book was a bit slow for me ~ or maybe I was distracted ~ but, as I read on I really fell in love with the character of Tory...she seems so real to me ( a sign of great writing IMHO) Tory just seems to run into all kinds of trouble whether it's witnessing a murder, dealing with the dogs, or kinda making a fool of herself in front of Cole. Tory was sassy, funny and just a bit odd...and I loved it. Cole is a snob at first. As you progress through the story he too becomes more real life like with all his attempts at wooing Tory and helping with the dogs.

I wasn't quite sure of this book as I started it...but, the more I read the more I liked it. Overall, a really good book. Now,  I am off to check out more of Ellen March's work...

All about Ellen

Hello and welcome to my corner of the world :)

I live on top of a mountain in Wales ideal in the summer not so in the winter months or when it rains, which is a lot in Wales!

My three children have left home, however my life is still manic. I live with my husband he sadly won’t leave home but I live in hope (joke). I have one suicidal cat that really does have nine lives.

I have five Alaskan Malamutes. They own me literally as I never go anywhere without taking their hair with me, they insist! My hobbies are showing and working them.

My first love though is writing, it’s a total escape for me my selfish time :) Writing my books takes me from the mundane chores of work into another universe.

Since a child I devoured any written word and enjoy acting out my fantasies in print.

My ambition is to pack in my nine to five job and become a full time writer. Another one of my many dreams. I have stockpiled work of various genres, including my first love erotic romance, followed by psychological thrillers and supernatural so be prepared I am making my mark on the world of literature

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