Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wanting to Remember, Trying to Forget (Meet the Shepards Series Book 1) by Jacqueline Francis

Wanting To Remember, Trying To forget
Meet The Shepards #1
by Jacqueline Francis

Women want the hot guy, right?
They want rock hard abs and ripped biceps. Women don’t want the skinny dork. No. The skinny dork gets shoved to the back seat. The skinny dork gets stuck in the friend-zone. And that’s where Max has been trapped for six years.
The woman of his dreams is right in front of him yet still beyond his reach. Why? Because Danny is in love with someone else, the hot guy with rock hard abs and ripped biceps.Life sucks! Good guys always finish last. Just when Max is ready to give up, Fate steps in and with the help of two annoying friends, he gets the opportunity he’s been waiting for. The underdog finally has a chance to get the girl. The question is: Is he brave enough to take it?

This is a standalone, full-length contemporary romance for adults only! (18+)

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What a fantastic read! Funny, exhilarating, a book that just makes you feel good! The story line had a slow build-up and with that slow build-up you got to really know these characters well ~ even the secondary characters ~ they had such depth, it was like reading about your own group of friends. 

Max & Danny were absolutely perfect for each other...Max knew it but Danny couldn't see past their friendship. I do have to say that Danny seemed blind to a few things in life...such as Max & her boyfriend, but that was kinda a bit comedic. It took that one fateful moment to bring them together.

Friends to lovers with a bit a the geekiness thrown really do need to check out this book

Number cruncher by day, raging romance novelist by night; Jacqueline's creative inspiration stems from romance and all its literary and rom-com depictions. She resides in sunny South Africa with her husband and energetic daughter. Matters of the heart are what fascinates this fiery Aries scribe, because ultimately, what makes a life out of - what would ordinarily be a typical existence - is Love

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