Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bastard SEAL by B.B. Hamel ~ Review

Bastard SEAL
A Bad Boy Forbidden Baby Romance
by B.B. Hamel

That bastard got me pregnant and then he disappeared.
Handsome, ripped, and dangerous. If only I’d known that the delicious stranger was a Navy SEAL on a mission. For just one night, Emory Rush seduced me on the dance floor, carried me to his bed, and made me feel things I never imagined. Then he vanished, leaving me alone and pregnant. If it weren’t for my son Mason I would think it was all a dream. 

A fantasy, that a man like Emory could make me feel so good.
When he shows up on my doorstep months later to warn me that my life is in danger, I can’t believe him. But soon it all becomes clear: Emory’s been hunting a group of international terrorists, and now those enemies know that Mason and I exist.

We’re in danger, and the only man that can protect us is the same bastard that left me shattered.
With a terrorist plot threatening the country and the future of our family at stake, we have to learn to trust each other or else lose everything

Emory is the dirtiest talking Alpha Bad Boy I have ever read...and yeah, he can certainly be a bastard too! I think this only makes me want him more.

Sweet n sassy Tara is on a dream vacation with her bestie, when she is stalked on the dance floor of the hotel's club by Emory. They spend one night together and as you know once is all it get pregnant.

After months of trying to locate Emory to tell him about his child, Emory appears on Tara's doorstep with a crazy story about someone being after her and their child. Danger will cause them to go on the run but also bring them together for Mason.

This story was a wild ride of epic proportions....danger, intrigue, hot sex, and lots of dirty talk. I loved this book and read it in one sitting.

About B.B. Hamel:

My books are steamy contemporary new adult romances, featuring heroines in college or just graduated, and range from stepbrothers to billionaire fantasies to alpha male fighters. Each book is a standalone and they always feature a HEA!

I'm a long time reader, writer, and lover of romance! Writing is my dream and my passion, and I'm so excited to share my stories with you. As an Indie author, your support means everything. Thanks so much for reading!

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